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Carrie T. Letterly
Carrie T. Letterly

Carrie T. Letterly

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Meet Carrie T. Letterly, the most lovable postal worker to ever deliver your mail! Carrie is punny, deeply romantic, never EVER opens your mail ... but loves to imagine what's inside!  Let Carrie get carried away with your valentine message and serenade your loved one like they've never experienced before!  Why not get a valentine this year ... that really pushes the envelope!  You won't be sorry!  

Song selections include: "Sign, Sealed, Delivered," "Three Letters" from She Loves Me, or an amazing original song written by the actor called "Forever Stamp"

Actor accompanies themselves on ukulele for "Forever Stamp"




Fully customized cards are filmed just for you as a continuous take of footage that will include the performance, who the message is TO, FROM and will reasonably convey your desired message in an entertaining manner!  Your message will be delivered to the recipient on the date you request on this page (February 14th or later), and you will receive a copy of it as well.  If you desire that the character's theme in the video be anything other than Valentine's Day, this is still possible if you order a fully customized card and outline your request in the message details.  Please be sure to include pronunciations of unusual names, describe your relationship with your valentine (friend, spouse, etc).  For special requests, please email us and we may be able to accommodate (  By purchasing this card you confirm that you have permission to send text messages to the mobile phone number entered.  Message and data rates may apply.