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Corny Christmas Heroine

Corny Christmas Heroine

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Meet Our Corny Christmas Heroine!  The leading lady is coming straight to your loved one's virtual doorstep to confess a very special custom message and who knows, she might just have to burst into song!  This leading lady knows how to make your heart swoon and will deliver a corny message with all the warm fuzzies!  

All custom videos include a parody scene from a hit Christmas movie and a very special rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You."  



All card buyers by default will receive a link to the message as soon as it is ready, which is sent to the email you enter on the checkout page!  Your message will be delivered to the recipient on the date you request on this page.  Enter only the recipient delivery information on the customization form and select your preferred delivery date!  By purchasing this card you confirm that you have permission to send text messages to the mobile phone number entered.  Message and data rates may apply.