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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Winter Wondergram, Valentines Edition?

Winter Wondergram offers a roster of quirky Valentine's Day characters that prepare custom video messages for your friends and loved ones. Featured artists are from all over the country and are professionals at the top of their craft!  Each personalized video is professionally produced and a few minutes long. Characters are fully costumed, and there is scenic design and more … guaranteed to impress and make your friends and family smile!  Don't send roses this year, send a Wondergram and support artists!  


Are the cards really customized?

Yes!  This holiday we are offering two card types, the budget friendly "partially customized card" and the "fully customized card."  All fully customized cards are a continuous "take" and each card is 100% made JUST for you.  Partially customized cards are still customized, but in a different way - these cards still feature the artists you are ordering form delivering your customized messages in costume/as their characters (TO, FROM, MESSAGE CONTENT) but these cards are edited and tastefully combined with pre-recorded musical footage of the artists performances (footage produced exclusively for Winter Wondergram).  All cards regardless of type are professionally edited to give them a special magical feel!  


How does card delivery work?  

As soon as the card is completed, we will send the card buyer (using the email on the checkout/billing page) a link to the completed video.  This may or not be in advance of the February 14th holiday (but in most cases it will be in advance).  Your recipient will be sent the Winter Wondergram on Valentines Day or any date after February 14th that you specify.  This date will show up as the "Delivery Date" on your order confirmation. We can deliver cards for you any date AFTER Valentine's Day, just not before without a special request/custom order (email us)! 


Why can I not order a video and have it ready tomorrow?  

Our artists often film videos in batches and every video is professionally edited before we send it to your loved one.  This process takes time.  


How is the gift delivered?

We will deliver the card directly to the recipient using the email or phone number you enter in the customization section.  Message will be delivered to the recipient on the exact "delivery date" you entered on the customization section.  Text message to a mobile phone number (SMS) is our preferred way to deliver messages to card recipients so they do not inadvertently go to a SPAM folder.  Do you want to deliver the message yourself?  Simply enter your own contact information in the customization section.  We will ensure that text messages (SMS) are only delivered during daytime hours.  We are only able to send text messages to US cellular phone numbers.  All card buyers will receive the video link at the soonest date the video is available.  We are unable to BCC card buyers on recipient text message deliveries but will BCC all card buyers on any email deliveries so you can tell when the message has been delivered!  Want to send to more than one address?  Simply enter all addresses in the appropriate section.  If sending to more than 3 addresses please email us for clarification.  

*Valentines Day deliveries will be automated to be delivered some time before 6PM CST.   All deliveries do not occur at the same time.  If you requested your message be delivered via e-mail, the buyer should receive a BCC email at the time it is delivered.  If you requested it be sent to your recipient via text message, the buyer will not receive a notification of delivery.  If the timing of delivery is important to you, please email us and let us know and we will try to accommodate your request!  If you have strong reason to believe a card was not delivered, please let us know and can assist you any time!  

The recipient message will resemble:

“Hi <<RECIPIENT NAME>>!  Happy Valentines Day!  You have been sent a special Winter Wondergram from <<YOUR NAME>>!  To view the card, click here:


If I choose to add a "tip," where does the money go?

100% of tip money goes directly to the artist(s) you are buying the cards from.  If you purchase more than one card, it is split evenly among those artists.  Tips are completely optional and the artist will not be offended if you do not give one.  


I'd like to add a "tip" but I don't see the option at checkout!

If you are looking for this option and don't see it at checkout, please select "checkout as guest" and the tip options will reveal itself!  


How long are the videos?

Most are at least 2 minutes or more, but may vary depending on the customization and the performance.  We promise they will be long enough to satisfy you!  


Can I make a special request?  

If you want something from one of our characters that you don't see listed on the site, feel free to reach out to us at!  We have assisted customers with unique custom orders in the past, and can make cards for groups, email mailings, etc!  We have created combination cards from different characters, worked with customers to integrate their own footage in special holiday cards, and have even created special content and songs for individual customers!  We want to make Valentine's Day magic for you!  


How is the video stored/viewed?

Videos are sent to you and your recipient as links to unlisted YouTube videos.  This means the video can be viewed by anyone with the link, but will remain private unless you or the recipient choose to distribute it/share it on social media, etc.  Your custom videos will not be used by Winter Wondergram for marketing purposes and are yours to view and distribute as you wish, but you must not download or repurpose the footage.  We do not plan on deleting the video from the host site unless there is an unforeseen circumstance.  If an unusual situation arises and you want the video removed from unlisted publication, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to reasonably assist you!  


Can I share the card to social media or with friends?  

The video link is yours to do with whatever you choose, and there is a share option with YouTube!  We want to get the word out about our service!  Please do not edit, rip, or repurpose the messages in any way.  Winter Wondergram messages are for personal use only and should not be used for business promotion.  


Can I request any song I want? 

Winter Wondergrammers have carefully rehearsed their selections and in most cases you cannot ask for any song you want when ordering through our standard site.  However, if you have a great idea for a customized card with a unique song/parody/scene, go ahead and reach out to us with what character(s) you have in mind, and we can probably make some magic happen!!  


How do you handle privacy issues relating to email addresses and phone numbers?

We will only use your and your recipient’s contact information to communicate with you about the actual order or to deliver the gift.  Winter Wondergram will not add contact information to any mailing lists (unless you specifically sign up for a newsletter), and we will not sell your contact information to third parties, etc.   Please review our Privacy Policy.  


Who created/oversees Winter Wondergram?  

Winter Wondergram was conceived by Holly Weis, a board member of the Highland Park Players, a not-for-profit theater group in Illinois.  The project is administered by the Highland Park Players. 

Read about the organizations here:


Help!  I made a mistake in my order!

Don’t worry! In most cases if we are notified quickly we can correct the error.  Email and explain the nature of the error and we will do our best to reasonably help you.  


How are cards customized by the characters?

Characters will always find a unique way to incorporate who the message is TO and FROM, and will do their best to relay your chosen message!  If a message request is inappropriate, a character reserves the right to alter the material.  Messages conveyed may not always exactly match what you entered, but artists will make reasonable attempts to satisfy the requests.  


Can I request something other than a Valentine's Day greeting?  Happy Birthday?

Most likely!  If you have an unusual request please reach out to us!  


How do I order a card?

It’s easy!  Visit the product pages of the characters, fill out the TO, FROM, RECIPIENT PHONE NUMBER and/or E-MAIL ADDRESS, MESSAGE box, and DELIVERY DATE ... add to your cart, and you’re off to the races!  


When I purchase a Winter Wondergram card, where does my money go?  

For every card you purchase, 75% goes directly to that artist, 5% goes to the National Endowment For The Arts and 20% goes towards covering operating expenses of the project (costumes, sets, data storage, advertising & video editing are expensive)!  If you decide to add a tip to your purchase, 100% of it goes to the artist(s) you are buying cards from.